Set of 3 washable and reusable pan covers that are the perfect replacement for disposable plastic wrap and foil. Simply throw them in the washing machine and reuse. Pan covers are lined with a food-safe & waterproof PUL.  ***Not for use on hot food! Great for salads, cooled food and baked goods. Marley's Monsters pan cover design utilizes a cord stop and drawstring. Unlike elastic, this provides more flexible sizing and a tighter fit for each container size. SIZES: Small: Fits most standard sized square, wide or narrow loaf pans up to 8"x 10". Medium: Fits most standard sized casserole dishes up to 10"x 13". Large: Fits most large sized casserole dishes and pans up to 13"x 18". 3 Piece Set includes 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large. MATERIALS: Outer layer is 100% cotton flannel. Inner layer is Food Safe Waterproof PUL ***Designs are all different. We will pick out fun designs for you!

Pan Covers